Lifetime Home Warranty

Mold can enter your home and your body unannounced!

This might come off as a surprise to most homeowners but the chances of mold invasion without you noticing is very high. More than often mold creeps in inside basements, ceilings, and places one does not see on a regular basis. From problems like infections to fatal respiratory problems and skin and eye irritation, mold can enter your home and then impact your health unannounced! NEST Protection Plan provides plans for how you can avoid all health adversities by detecting, identifying, and getting rid of all types of molds and indoor environmental issues. Our Mold-Free Lifetime Home Warranty Plan ensures mold and indoor environmental issues not only leave your home but that they also never come back! We’re the number one Mold Prevention, Inspection, & Removal Specialists in the United States.

A Mold-Proof Home is a Healthy Home!

A mold and structural inspection is necessary for you to identify any existing indoor environmental issues, and establish a mold-free lifetime warranty. NEST Protection Plan is happy to provide our thorough initial inspections that focus on the following key areas: mold, moisture concerns, surface conditions, and other structural elements. These key areas are the primary concern when keeping your home secure from damages caused by internal and external factors. They’re necessary for your lifetime coverage, especially if the home is older and has existing microbial issues that must be cured.

Signs That You Need A Mold Inspection

Our Thorough 8 Step Mold Removal Process

Business You Can
Count On

We offer a wide range of services to meet every type of business.


Save Time

You can schedule an inspection at a time that's convenient for you. In many situations, you will need less than 45 minutes for a final warranty decision and peace of mind.

Expert Repair When Necessary

We’ll inform you of exactly what your home or business needs to be secure and safe from outstanding damages. Equipped with the proper equipment, experience, and knowledge; we will perform any other needed repairs, or recommend other quality technicians who can

Make Financially Smart Decisions

Don't wait until a mold or contaminant infestation wreaks havoc on your home or business property. With our superior coverage, you can avoid paying tens of thousands of dollars from unexpected issues.

Save Money on Repairs or Claims

Regular maintenance and home repairs can prevent a loss caused by unseen hazards within and around your home. Scheduling an inspection will save you time and money in the long run and add peace of mind to your home life.


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