Mold and allergens affect nearly 70% of homes and properties.

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    Reliable Reports

    At NEST Protection Plan we provide detailed, certifiable inspection reports as well as expert advice on how to get the most out of your property.

    Save Time and Money

    Our regular inspections allow you to stay on top of maintenance and repairs. This helps you save time and money on your investment in the long-term.

    High-Quality Service

    A business is made great by the quality of service it provides to clients. NEST Protection Plan provides guaranteed customer satisfaction every time. That's our promise.

    We Keep Your Home Operational & Your Budget Economical!

    Over the last decade, NEST Protection Plan has built a reputation as one of the most knowledgeable, experienced, and affordable solutions in providing mold-free guarantee home warranties to many satisfied homeowners.

    We help by providing Full Home Initial Inspections, Fire Prevention & Preparation, and Mold Prevention using our expert services and solutions.

    The owners Tony Norvell and Arthur Yon collectively share a vision of growing their plan to benefit homes nationwide. Together, they started serving the disaster restoration and remediation industry more than 15 years ago and have experience helping businesses grow.

    Why NEST Protection Plan Is Your Trusted Solution

    We are committed to protecting your family and your valuable investments by providing the most trustworthy and reliable services. We ensure our Full Home Inspection service exceeds industry standards and makes sure you get the most reliable assessment for your property.

    Lifetime Home Warranty

    This might come off as a surprise to most homeowners but the chances of mold invasion without you noticing is very high. More than often mold creeps in inside basements, ceilings, and places one does not see on a regular basis.

    Mold Inspection

    We are committed to protecting your family and your valuable investments by providing the most trustworthy and reliable services. We ensure our Full Home Inspection service exceeds industry standards

    Environmental Assessment

    NEST Protection Plan has the expertise to assess whether or not your home is adequately protected from storm or flood damages. Our inspections scan for commonly used fixtures

    Fogging Services

    Our Fog Kit is a toxic-free, demolition-free, and easy method of getting rid of all forms of dangerous molds and contaminants from your house. Worried about all those traditionally out-of-reach places that are not usually accessible?

    Fire Prevention

    A home fire leaves you with as little as two minutes time to safely escape the premises. Our Fire Prevention & Preparation Package is designed to help you prevent, inventory for, and if needed, recover easily from a potential home fire.

    Commercial Inspection

    Whether you’ve built a brand-new property or are leasing from another party, you need your commercial property inspected before you open up your business.

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    Protect Your Family From Dangerous Molds For A Lifetime.

    NEST Protection Plan is the only business providing franchising mold home warranties and lifetime warranty prevention services. Being the only company (on a nationwide level) to offer a mold-free home warranty, we understand the responsibility and take utmost care in every project we encounter. We complete each job efficiently, safely, and accurately.

    We promise to deliver full technical support throughout the process accompanied with peace of mind and safety for you and your family. Our warranty on your home is transferable to any future buyer of your property, giving it more value and the reassurance to list your home with confidence.

    Our Recognition & Certification

    People Are Saying

    “Tony, Les, and Dyan were incredible to work with. After my mother had Covid we decided to have our home treated. We contacted them to set up an appointment and they were extremely quick to return our call and set up an appointment. Our home was treated within just a few days and prior to my mother returning home from the hospital. I will forever be grateful for the timely manner in which they responded and the wonderful job they’ve done.”

    “The staff here were a huge help to us. We purchased a house that had a strong cigarette smell and nicotine residue all over. They fogged and wiped everything down. They were great to work with and responded quickly to questions. I would recommend to anyone who needs help making their living environment safer to live in.”

    “They did a fantastic service with our mold treatment. Everyone communicated really well, showed up, did excellent work! Highly recommend this company. I felt everything was cared for correctly.”

    Your Trusted Home Service Experts

    With over 10 years of experience, Nest Protection Plan has established itself as a premier home service provider primarily located in Ohio, South Carolina, and their surrounding areas. Our commitment to exceptional customer service and unwavering honesty sets us apart in the industry. We pride ourselves on ensuring 100% satisfaction, guaranteeing that when you choose Nest Protection Plan, you are entrusting your home to a team of dedicated and experienced professionals.

    A Happier, Healthier Home Life Is Just A Call Away!

    Call us today to breathe better, rest easier, and feel the comfort of a healthy home environment with NEST Protection Plan.

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